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Uploading your files is as easy as clicking the button below.

This will open a new browser window from WETRANSFER. Here you can attach your files and leave instructions in the comments field.

After I’ve received the files, you will get a WETRANSFER download confirmation email . You will be contacted by me shortly after receiving this email, sharing my initial thoughts on your project. Either confirming that your file is good to go, or providing you with some feedback, that might call for a with of rework from your end (where possible ofocourse).

All of this is free of charge! If we agree that you need to make some changes to your file, then no money is wasted. Just upload the mix again once ready.

I’m a strong believer that mastering should add real value. I will never just process a file without providing critical feedback. And I will refund your money, if you’re not 100% happy.

That’s my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Can't wait to hear what I can do for you?

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