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Why I’m different

Welcome to the Analogue Mastering room!

Analogue Mastering is a high-end mastering room, equipped with some of the best analogue and digital audio tools available. Providing (stem) mastering services to artists worldwide. I work hybrid, using both “Out The Box” and “In The Box” techniques to create mastery.

Mastering is all about tracks becoming “outside world compatible”. Allowing them be heard at full potential, everywhere, on any device. It is also an enhancing experience. Bringing out the highlights of the track, allowing the track to emotionally connect with the public.

Value is delivered above and beyond what the artist can do him/herself: Being in a top notch room you can trust. Having that 2nd pair of ears. Honest unbiased feedback.  The opportunity to discuss specifics where desired.

Analogue Mastering provides all of the above: It’s what seperates professional mastering from the rest.

I work differently: I have set prices and won’t finish until you are 100% satisfied and the project is the best it can be. This means that I will get back to you with stuff that pops out on me, whether overlooked or intentional artistic decisions. Just to make sure, that nothing in a project is overlooked or assumed to be ok. Communication is key. This might mean that I point out stuff that slipped through during mixdown (we all know the stuff you no longer “hear” these things when working on a project for to long) Or mix decisions that do not translate well in my room.

examples are:

  • brittle glitchy vocals
  • pops/clicks
  • Mastering brought out details you did not hear before and you want to adjust the balance of your mix
  • some stems don’t sound as expected and you want to change / remove them
  • EQ decisions, like to much 200hz on drums, which sounded  fine on 5.25″ monitors but it sits in the way of the guitar etc.
  • You name it, it’s NOT a problem, you won’t burn money by developing enhanced insights in your project.

Long story short, I give honest unbiased feedback without charging extra. If the first master is bullseye, excellent! If we need 3 or 4 to get there NO PROBLEM.

You, the artist, decides if your mix needs a fix, or not.  A relaxed atmosphere is key. I want you to take your time in they key part of your project and don’t feel rushed, or worried about budget.

You rather want me to take on the mix? That can be arranged too. Just send me the stems and I put things together.

Turnaround times for single tracks and EP’s are generally within 48hrs. For albums please allow 5 working days.

If you really need something done same day CET, then contact me and we will try to work something out.

Love to hear your work!

Can't wait to hear what I can do for you?

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