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My Room

Over the years, I’ve have spend a lot of time building a setup that delivers exceptional results, while providing flexible workflow, catering for any kind of project need.

The setup is built around a Solid State Logic SIGMA summing mixer, which delivers pristine sound quality, but with an attitude when desired.

Complemented with conversion, compression and EQ from AVALON, Buzz Audio, Dangerous Music, SPL & BURL.

All of this, in a great sounding room, extensively treated and complemented with Sonarworks room EQ.

Every little detail is heard in pristine quality and mix/mastering decissions are made without guessing, providing full listening confidence.

Rest assured, if it sounds great here, it will sound great everywhere. Guaranteed!

Mastering Compression:

  • Dangerous Music Compressor
  • Buzz Audio Optical Compressor soc -1.1

Mastering EQ:

  • Avalon AD2055 Class A EQ
  • Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Signal path & conversion:

  • Solid State Logic SIGMA
  • SPL M/S Master
  • SPL Madison MADI converter
  • Solid State Logic Alphalink Madi AX converter
  • BURL BOMBER B2 DAC & ADC converters
  • TASCAM DA3000 PCM/DSD Recorder
  • TASCAM CG-1000 MasterClock
  • Audio Accessoires SHORTI Bantam – DB25 Patchbay
  • Van Damme Studioline Blue Interconnects.
  • FURMAN Power


  • TAD S-1EX W Full Range Monitors
  • Class D Audio custom amplifier
  • Audioquest K2 Speaker Cabling


  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5x
  • Steinberg Wavelab 9
  • ELI Arousor
  • Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors
  • Sonnox EQ
  • ToneBoosters Barricade
  • Sonarworks Room EQ



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